Mobile app a for Calma beachside snack shop

Project description

This Project Case Study was conducted during the Google UX Design course I took in February 2022 to obtain the Professional Certificate on UX Design field.
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About Client
Calma is a beach bar / restaurant on the beach of Avlomonas in Serifs, a few minutes away from Livadi and the port.  At its sunbeds or on the comfy tables you can enjoy from early in the morning coffee, juice, refreshments and rich breakfast, such as the ‘bready’ eggs or club sandwiches.
Calma’s menu will accompany you all day long with snacks and cool cocktails, while its restaurant catalogue will delight you with imaginative combinations and unique flavors. Don’t miss out on the juicy rib-eye and the hearty burgers or risotto.
When the night comes, the atmosphere becomes more lounge, ideal for a relaxing drink or a romantic dinner next to the sea.

The Problem
People want to order their meals without having to leave their spot on the beach.

The goal

A fast app with quick order option, delivery notification and accessibility options

User research
I conducted interviews and created surveys to understand the users I’m designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research was working mothers who spent their day on the beach with their children and they want a fast way to order their children meals. The other group was older people that struggled to order due to small fonts or difficulties to navigation. 

Case study deck
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